Selection and installation of grinding wheels?

The use of 180*6*22mm metal grinding discs is more extensive than other abrasives, and the use of grinding wheels is the largest, the use of grinding wheels on the choice we must know in advance, in order to choose a high-quality quantity. The following is to share with you the selection and installation of grinding wheels.


1. identification and selection of grinding wheels

The shape and size of the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc are mainly selected according to the condition of the grinder and the shape and material properties of the workpiece. Generally, after selecting the grinding wheel, the appearance and crack identification are needed, but sometimes the cracks in the grinding wheel is not easy to observe, it is necessary to use sound test method, such as tapping the sound with a mallet, sound salted is a good grinding wheel without cracks.


As for the selection of grinding wheels should be considered comprehensively, in considering the size, generally should be as large as possible to choose the outer diameter; longitudinal grinding should choose a wider grinding wheel; grinding the inner circle, the outer diameter of the grinding wheel to take about 2/3 of the workpiece aperture. It should be noted that the line speed of the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is not allowed to exceed the market value.


2. balance and installation of grinding wheels

The unbalanced grinding wheel will produce vibration at the turn of the cylinder speed, which will affect the machining quality and the precision of the machine tool. The main reasons for the unbalance are the uneven density, asymmetric geometry and eccentricity of the grinding wheel. Therefore, the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc must be balanced before installation. There are two kinds of balancing for grinding wheels.

The production process of green silicon carbide grinding wheel

Green silicon carbide 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc can be divided into the flat grinding wheel, bevel grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, disc grinding wheel, etc. According to the shape, it can be divided into the ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel and so on.


The characteristic parameters of 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc are abrasive, viscosity, hardness, binder, shape, and size. Because grinding wheels usually work at high speeds, they should be tested before use for rotation (to ensure that the wheel does not break at working speed) and static balance (to prevent machine tool vibration when working). After grinding for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be trimmed to restore the grinding performance and the correct geometry.


It is forbidden to install the grinding machine in a place facing the nearby equipment and operators or where people often pass. A special grinding machine room should be set up in a general large workshop. When the grinding wheel is found to be unbalanced after being repaired or repaired, it should be repeated for static balance. When grinding the workpiece with a 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc machine, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel and not operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid grinding wheel flying out or grinding wheel breaking out and hurting people. In addition, if cracks are found in the local grinding wheel, it should immediately stop using, replacing the new grinding wheel, in order to avoid the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc breakage injury accident.

The application range of ceramic CBN wheel

Ceramic CBN fast cheap metal grinding discs, using cubic boron nitride abrasive as raw material, are sintered into various shapes of grinding tools with metal powder, resin powder and ceramics as binders, respectively, for industrial grinding, polishing and grinding.

This kind of ceramic fast cheap metal grinding disc keeps the original high hardness, low sintering temperature, high strength and toughness, good abrasive control performance, and has heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good self-sharpening, repairable, long dressing interval, uniform porosity, easy to cool, chip removal and so on.

1. Grinding of complex surface workpieces (shaper cutter, broach, high precision gear, die, punch etc.) requiring good edge and angle retention of fast cheap metal grinding disc.

2. Large workpiece (machine tool guide, high precision screw, etc.) fine grinding and final grinding. These workpieces often use ordinary abrasive because of high grinding temperature and easy to cause greater deformation, the first choice is CBN grinding wheel.

3. Large quantities of workpieces such as meters and miniature bearing parts on automatic or semi-automatic machine tools.

4. Grinding titanium alloy is the first choice of fast cheap metal grinding disc for CBN.

The cause of grinding concern

Most of the abrasives are artificial abrasives made of abrasives and binders, which have been used in many industries, and can have this effect, mainly because of its multiple advantages. The following is a summary of the reasons for concern, to understand these reasons.


1. Have a certain degree of flexibility. Compared with ceramic abrasives, resin Abrasives have good toughness, plasticity and ductility. Its elastic modulus (E) is several times lower than that of ceramics. Therefore, the resin grinding tool is suitable for the preparation of various specifications of thin high quality metal grinding disc and high-speed cutting abrasive wheel. At the same time, because of some elastic deformation, the grinding force can be buffered. Therefore, the grinding effect is good, the polishing effect is good, and the roughness of the machined surface can be improved.

2. High bonding strength. Compared with the ceramic bond, the resin bond has higher bond strength, the linear velocity of resin 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is 80 ~ 120m / s, and it can withstand greater grinding pressure. The grinding pressure of heavy duty grinding wheel is as high as 10 65 Rough grinding with special grinding wheels for high speed and heavy load is safe to operate, suitable for high speed grinding and large feed grinding, and has high grinding efficiency.


3. Can be made into various complex shapes and special requirements of abrasives. Because of the low hardening temperature, room temperature hardening and low shrinkage of resin bonded abrasive tools, abrasive tools with various complex shapes and special requirements can be made. For example: the use of glass fiber reinforced resin grinding wheels, easy chip removal, good heat dissipation of porous resin grinding wheels and groove grinding wheels; improve the grinding process conditions of bolt fastening grinding wheels, electrolytic grinding wheels, polishing grinding wheels; and cylindrical, bowl-shaped, butterfly-shaped and other special-shaped grinding wheels.


4. The scope of application is wide. Because of the variety of new resin bond, resin abrasives with various strength and properties can be made. Therefore, it can be widely used in grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing and other processes. Resin abrasive tools have high bonding strength, high speed, impact resistance, suitable for rough grinding and barren grinding; Resin abrasive tools have good toughness, suitable for cutting process; Resin abrasive tools have good elasticity, a certain degree of polishing, can be used for fine grinding and polishing. Resin abrasives are less heat-resistant and easy to wear. They are suitable for surface grinding and fine grinding.


In short, when we use it smoothly, the quality is better is also affected by these aspects, the above four are also the use of more attention to the aspects, only in this way can be used in the future more smoothly.


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Ways to improve the durability of ceramic grinding wheel cutter

In cutting process, increasing the cutting performance and durability of ceramic high efficient metal abrasive disc cutter is attracting more and more attention. In the metal cutting process, because of chip deformation and friction, the cutting zone produces high temperature, and because of the different ceramic grinding wheel cutter and workpiece materials, forming the two poles of thermocouple and thermoelectric potential, resulting in direct current thermoelectric current. The thermoelectric flow can easily intensify the oxidation process of the surface of the grinding wheel and accelerate the abrasion of the grinding wheel.


Under certain conditions, the contact area between ceramic cheap metal grinding disc cutter and machine tool, workpiece and machine tool, and the contact area between the friction pair of machine tool itself will also produce thermoelectric emf-thermoelectric current. Thermomagnetic effect and electromagnetic effect will also occur in the cutting process. Thermoelectric emission-discharge phenomenon will also occur on the surface of high temperature contact area.


Thermoelectric current produced in the cutting process and other factors caused by the thermal current, and at the same time there is a local thermal current in the grinding tool workpiece within the limited contact area, which aggravates the wear of the grinding tool. In addition to the above-mentioned basic ways, there is a new way to improve the cutting performance and durability of ceramic grinding wheel cutter, that is, to eliminate and strengthen the thermal current effect of wear of ceramic China high efficient grinding disc cutter and try to cut off the thermal current loop.

Importance of cooling of diamond wheels

Now, I shares the importance of cooling diamond wheels.

The progress of industrialization has promoted the development of the times. More and more high-tech products emerge as the times require. In the hardware industry, dressing pens are gradually replaced by diamond dressing wheels. Our company is developing better and better in this series of diamond grinding wheels. Work is very important. It is also important to protect diamond wheels and grinding wheels and prolong their life.

Coolant nozzle is one of the most important designs in the manufacture of difficult and complicated workpieces. If coolant leaves the nozzle and does not reach the contact point directly, it will be released during the operation of diamond grinding wheels.

There is an inestimable serious consequence, so we should try to keep the coolant close to the circumferential speed of the high quality metal grinding disc and the contact point of the regenerative cooling. In the dressing line, the coolant nozzle must be installed because it is relatively important for the liquid between the contact points, between the grinding wheel and the wheel, in the direction of wheel rotation. Controlled cooling nozzle is a very important link in the optimization design of cooling nozzle, otherwise it will have incalculable benefits.

Above introduced the diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc in the production process of cooling link is also very important, so the installation of cooling system is also related to the life of diamond grinding wheel and operator safety issues, today we first briefly said, there will be more and more knowledge and technical operation of diamond grinding wheel slowly announced. I want to tell you all, and I hope you can keep an eye on us at any time!

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Causes of burn in grinding wheel grinding

180*6*22mm metal grinding disc in grinding will appear burns, which is generally affected by heat treatment, it is the specific reason for this phenomenon?

During decarbonization heat treatment, surface oxidation will occur if the surface or environmental protection is improper, so a thin decarbonization layer will be formed on the workpiece. This soft decarbonization layer will cause overload or overheating of the fast cheap metal grinding disc, which will cause surface tempering.

Excessive carbon concentration in the carburized layer makes it easy to form network carbide or excessive free carbide in the carburized layer. Because this substance is extremely hard. In the grinding process, there may be partial overheating tendency and surface flashback.

Excessive carbon concentration in the carburized layer will result in excessive retained austenite on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in burns and cracks. Therefore, the grinding performance will be reduced with the increase of surface carbon concentration, and the surface carbon concentration should be controlled in the range of 0.75% – 0.95%.

The distribution of carbides and morphological carbides should be uniform, the average diameter of particle size should not be more than 1 micron; the morphology of carbides should be spherical, powdery or fine dotted along the network distribution, not allowed to have network or horny carbides.

The high quality metal grinding disc should reduce the heat treatment deformation as much as possible, so that the grinding allowance can be reduced. If the heat treatment deformation is too large, if the grinding operation does not start at the maximum radial circle runout of the workpiece, the grinding allowance removed at these points per grinding will be abnormal, resulting in burns and cracks.

Large slices of film appeared in different regions and related factories.

Large slices of film appeared in different regions and related factories.

Large slice (resin cutting grinding wheel with diameter greater than 300 mm) film, mainly in the China high efficient grinding disc cooled out of the furnace to detect the appearance of the two hands flat when the direction of the diameter wobble, bending obviously feel soft; At the same time, when the use of grinding wheel cutting performance for the grinding wheel yaw, flange holding force is not enough, serious bouncing block And broken.

Large chip is also a long-term technical problem for resin abrasive tool manufacturers. The main reason is the uneven stress in the hardening process of the Cheap metal grinding disc.

The manufacturer of resin grinding wheel should pay attention to the influence of environment and climate on the production of resin China grinding abrasive disc, formulate corresponding measures in time, select suitable phenolic resin varieties reasonably, increase the uniformity of mixture, and adjust the hardening process in time to make it more suitable for the complete hardening of phenolic resin.

The above problems are emphasized, and the problem of film is avoided.

How to maintain the quality stability of resin wheel?

 In this paper, the main raw materials are phenolic resin and glass fiber mesh how to affect the quality and stability of resin 4.5 inches grinding wheel is analyzed.

The quality and stability of resin wheel are mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

(1) Change of strength and cutting and grinding performance of resin depressed grinding disc in stocks during a certain period (under normal air temperature and humidity);

(2) The strength and cutting and grinding performance of resin low price grinding discs in each batch during the production cycle (e.g. in different seasons of a year).

The above two conditions can be expressed by the measured strength retention rate and the reduction rate of tangential grinding performance.

Prerequisite for peeling grinding

Peeling grinding has many advantages. To give full play to its advantages, it must be “good horse matching saddle”. Therefore, a successful skinning grinding requires the following prerequisites:

A) Due to the high grinding speed required in peeling grinding, any vibration may produce grinding vibration lines or even burn. Therefore, the grinding system of the whole grinder needs to be very rigid, whether it is workpiece clamping system or long life grinding wheel spindle system.

B) Because of the high speed of peeling and grinding, the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel is very important. The grinding wheel for stainless steel usually needs to be balanced twice, one is the dynamic balance during the production process of the grinding wheel, the other is the automatic calibration dynamic balance after being installed on the machine tool.

C) Because of the extremely high temperature generated during high speed grinding, it is necessary to have a sufficient flow rate of coolant, and the flow rate should be as consistent as the speed and direction of the fast working grinding wheel as possible to ensure adequate cooling;

D) Cooling systems also require high pressure, usually with high-pressure flushing nozzles, especially when grinding soft and sticky materials, which are particularly important to prevent the grinding wheel surface from being blocked by chip, resulting in increased wheel load;

E) If China long life grinding wheel is used for peeling grinding, the on-line dressing system and contact dressing method are needed, from the contact between the wheel and the roller, to rough dressing, and then to finishing a series of dressing processes need real-time monitoring.