Problems in the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc process

With the development of diamond brazing technology, the power tool – diamond 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc with its unique sharpness and durability in the construction, stone, ceramics and casting industries, the application of diamond grinding disc brazing automation More and more urgent. 

Because in the existing diamond grinding disc manufacturing process, basically all of them are manual operations, due to the lack of advanced production methods, the output of diamond grinding discs is very low, and the production cost has been high, which seriously affects the market industry of the product. The operation of large-scale and large-scale operation is incompatible with the mainstream of social development of technological innovation today, so automation is an inevitable trend of enterprise development. Automated methods using diamond disc brazing solve the following problems: 

1. The shortage of skilled brazers, low labor productivity, and the inability to form scale problems;

2. The problem of excessive requirements on the operator’s physical strength, skills and experience, and poor consistency of product quality;

3. The problem of scientific and standardized enterprise management cannot be effectively realized;

4. The problem of industrialization and large-scale operation of the market cannot be carried out.

New development of China long life grinding wheel

China long life grinding wheel is a special tool for grinding hard and hard materials such as cemented carbide, glass, ceramics, and precious stones. In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed grinding ultra-precision grinding technology, higher requirements have been placed on the grinding wheel. The ceramic resin bond grinding wheel can no longer meet the production needs. The metal bond grinding wheel has high bonding strength and good formability. Production has been widely used due to its long service life and other significant characteristics. 

The metal bond diamond China long life grinding wheel mainly has two types of sintering and electroplating depending on the manufacturing method. In order to give full play to the role of super-hard abrasives, foreign countries began to develop a new type of grinding wheel by high-temperature brazing process from the early 1990s, namely single-layer high-temperature brazing super-hard abrasive grinding wheel.

Automatic molding technology of fast working grinding wheel

Resin flake fast working grinding wheel is ideal for large-scale production, which is automatic press forming. This technology can effectively save labor costs and greatly improve production efficiency. 

As early as the early 1980s, people in the industry explored and tried this technology. At that time, an automatic forming press was imported from abroad. This machine is quite compact in design, and it differs from ordinary presses in that it has an additional feed system. 

Its working principle is: put the mixture into the upper hopper, shake it, drop it on the conveyor belt, scrape it with a scraper, then adjust the conveying speed, and finally send the material to the weighing hopper, after weighing accurately The material is put into the mold cavity. 

The design principle seems to be quite effective in increasing production efficiency. But there is a practical problem that no matter how it is adjusted, it will never reach the ideal level of design. Because the thin grinding wheel is not like smelting corundum and silicon carbide, the error of the raw material can’t be too large. It is not an easy task to weigh accurately through the conveyor belt. Repeated adjustment can not only improve the efficiency, but also waste a lot of time. Nowadays, a compromise is adopted to bypass the more difficult feed system, artificial feed, multi-station press, labor intensity reduction, and production efficiency.

Hardness type of diamond high quality 9” grinding wheel

As an indispensable tool in machining, diamond high quality 9” grinding wheel is widely used in industrial production and is known as “industrial teeth”. Diamond grinding wheels and the development of modern industry have a mutually reinforcing role. On the one hand, its application has been extended to various fields of modern industry, such as machine tools, chemicals, geology, coal, electronics, energy, instrumentation, engineering ceramics and aerospace. industry.

On the other hand, the rapid development and demand of modern industry have in turn promoted the continuous innovation of diamond grinding wheel preparation technology. At present, the development of diamond high quality 9” grinding wheel and grinding technology has played an extremely important role in the country’s scientific and technological progress and the development of the entire national economy. For example, the quality of grinding and finishing of missile end caps in the aerospace field affects the guidance precision of missiles; Semiconductor wafer grinding technology in the field of electronic information affects the development of the information technology industry.

Hardness is one of the important parameters for selecting abrasives during the preparation of diamond high quality 9” grinding wheels. The scientific expression of hardness is: the ability of a substance to resist the marking or pressing of other objects into its surface, and can also be understood as the energy required to produce local deformation on a solid surface. If the material composition is structural, the hardness is related to the strength of the chemical bond in the substance and the coordination number.

The hardness of the high quality 9′’ grinding wheel

The hardness of the high quality 9” grinding wheel

The hardness of the grinding wheel refers to the difficulty of the abrasive grains on the surface of the grinding wheel falling off under the action of grinding force. The hardness of the grinding wheel is soft, which means that the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel are easy to fall off, and the hardness of the grinding wheel is hard, indicating that the abrasive grains are difficult to fall off. The hardness of the grinding wheel and the hardness of the abrasive are two different concepts. 

The same kind of abrasive can be made into grinding wheels of different hardness, which is mainly determined by the performance and quantity of the bonding agent and the manufacturing process of the grinding wheel. The significant difference between grinding and cutting is that the grinding wheel has self-sharpness. 

Choosing the hardness of the grinding wheel is actually choosing the self-sharpness of the grinding wheel. I hope that the sharp grinding particles should not fall off too early, and should not be blunt or fall off.

Diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc

The fast cheap metal grinding disc structure generally consists of a working layer, a base body and a transition layer.

The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, consists of abrasives, binders and fillers and is the working part of the grinding wheel. The transition layer, also called a non-diamond layer, consists of a binder, a metal powder, and a filler, and is a portion that firmly bonds the diamond layer to the substrate. 

The base body is used to receive the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped to the grinding machine spindle by a flange during use. Generally, the metal bond product is selected from steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix; the resin bond is selected from aluminum alloy and bakelite as the matrix. It is made of aluminum, steel or bakelite and functions as a supporting working layer and a chucking tool. The quality of the grinding wheel and the accuracy of its use are closely related to the substrate. 

Due to the characteristics of diamond abrasives (high hardness, high compressive strength and good wear resistance), diamond grinding tools are an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and hard alloys in grinding, which is not only efficient but also highly accurate. High and the roughness is good, the abrasives are used less, the service life is long, and the working conditions can be improved. Therefore, it is widely used in low-iron content metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide, high-aluminum porcelain, optical glass, agate gemstone, semiconductor material, stone, etc., which are difficult to process with ordinary abrasive tools. 

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The Use Of Diamond Grinding disc

Generalized China grinding abrasive disc refers to a grinding disc made of superhard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride. Abrasives and binders form the grinding disc. The bonding agent can bond the abrasives together to form grinding discs of various shapes. Different binders can form diamond discs of different characteristics. Four series of diamond grinding discs have been formed: metal diamond grinding discs, resin diamond grinding discs, ceramic diamonds and electroplated diamond grinding discs. 

China grinding abrasive discs are mainly used for grinding, polishing and grinding. Therefore, it can be divided into grinding disc, oil stone grinding head, drilling tool, saw blade, grinding powder, correction roller, hand tool (sickle, dental drill, engraving tool), grinding disc knife, glass knife, turning tool, etc.

Use Of Diamond High Quality Metal Grinding Disc

The diamond high quality metal grinding disc is made of high-quality diamond micro-powder and resin binder material, with exquisite technology and advanced production technology. The grinding blade has fast cutting edge, good sharpness, stable quality, long service life, high work efficiency and fast surface. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-fading. It has been widely used in stone processing, floor renovation, ceramic tile production and other industries.


The high quality metal grinding disc has a uniform specification of granular color and good flexibility. It is widely used in the processing of granite, marble, artificial stone and other lines, chamfers, countertops, curved plates and special-shaped stone. It has various shapes and specifications. Selection, various particle size numbers are distinguished by different colors, and can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders, ground stone refurbished machines, and ceramic polishing machines according to customer needs and habits.


The diamond high quality metal grinding disc can efficiently finish polishing and grinding materials such as stone, glass and ceramics under the condition of adding water. The spiral type grinding disc has good sharpness, heat resistance and pressure resistance, and has the advantages of fast glazing, high brightness and fading, without changing the color of the stone itself, and has won the recognition of the majority of users.

The Diamond Cheap Grinding Disc Feed Speed

The diamond cheap grinding disc feed speed

The feed rate is the feed rate of the sawed stone. Its size affects the sawing rate, the force on the cheap grinding disc and the heat dissipation in the sawing area. Its value should be selected according to the nature of the stone being sawed.

Generally speaking, sawing the softer stone, such as marble, can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, it is more conducive to improving the sawing rate. The sawing of fine-grained, relatively homogeneous granite can increase the feed speed appropriately.

If the feed speed is too low, the diamond edge is easily soothed. However, when cutting granite with coarse grain structure and uneven hardness, the feed speed should be reduced. Otherwise, the vibration of the grinding wheel will cause the diamond to break and reduce the sawing rate. The cutting speed of sawing granite is generally selected within the range of 9m~12m/min.

180*6*22MM Metal Grinding Disc Delamination Problems

With the increasing demand for the quality of 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc, especially the increase in the demand for high-efficiency grinding discs, the diversification of the resin grinding disc manufacturer’s formula is more obvious.

This also causes the lining of the grinding disc to occur frequently during the manufacture and use of the grinding disc.

The delamination of the grinding sheet should first consider the bonding properties of the mesh. If the type of the mesh impregnated rubber is poorly compatible with the phenolic resin used for the resin grinding disc, the amount of the adhesive is insufficient, or the volatile content of the mesh is too high, the grinding sheet will be caused. Layering.

Excluding the influencing factors of the mesh, the important influencing factors of the delamination of the grinding sheet are the compatibility of the mixture and the lack of fluidity of the powder phenolic resin;

The second is the stress rebound of the mesh itself during the hardening of the grinding disc.